Diet Supplement

DIET SUPPLEMENT CAPSULES When on a restricted eating plan, it is essential to ensure the body still receives the required vitamins and minerals. A recognised South African medical doctor working in the field of weight loss and diet, has formulated this scientifically and nutritionally balanced diet supplement capsule to ensure a healthy maintenance of the required vitamins and minerals.

Stay Healthy whilst dieting: Ensures a healthy maintenance of required minerals & vitamins, while lessening cravings for sweet  foods.

The inclusion of Chromium Polynicotinate helps prevent craving for sweet foods. This product is not a diet product itself, and may not be substituted for meals. However, used in conjunction with any diet programme it will help to maintain a good nutritional balance and a feeling of well being.

Each capsule contains: Vitamin A 3 000 I.U.: Thiamine HCL 3mg: Riboflavine 3mg: Pyrridoxine HCL 3mg: Vitamin B12 25 mg Ascorbic Acid 100mg: Vitamin D 200 I.U.: Vitamin E 10 I.U.: Folic Acid 0,4mg: Magnesium 100: Zinc 15 mg Forrous Fumarate 40 mg Iodine 0,1 mg Maganese 0,2 mg Calcium 50 mg Molybdenum 0,01 mg Inositol 5 mg Chromium Polynicotinate 200 mcg Selenium
0,02mg: Nicotinamide 3mg.